Moxie - latest addition to the Stein household!


So, here's my b'day present from my loving wife.

We got her (Moxie) from a "rescuer" that got her from a pound two days before she was to be euthanized. She is absolutely adorable!

Since our Lab mix passed away several weeks ago, our remaining dog, Libby (Border Collie mix) has come into the house each night, whining incessantly.

After Moxie came home with us, Libby has been breathless trying to keep up with Moxie! Moxie is only a little over a year old (as of 12/01/07) and is part Sheltie, Lab and possibly Golden Retriever. Here are pix (taken this afternoon) of Libby and Moxie.

Click on any image for a larger picture.