John Deere Z445


Fall of 2022 - purchased this (for a fairly decent price) from a family in Olmstead, KY. Low hours. Why were they selling it with only 400+ hours? They had three JD ZTracs - didn't need the smallest one - with 54" deck and 25hp Kawasaki motor. Been YEARS since I had ridden/steered a ZTrac.

The father of the family told us this story after we agreed to buy it: We got it unloaded, I sat on it and my wife yelled from the porch "Do you know how to drive that thing?" I answered "Dear, I drive $80,000 combines for a living, I can figure this out." Then I hit the car!
So, I stayed away from the cars until I got my "sea legs..."

Bumped the landscaping stones at the corner of the house on the first mow; since then, if I lightly brush them and knock them out of place, I can nudge them back into place with the mower. Sarah (our daughter) visited the Thanksgiving after we got this - she ran it up and down the street at full throttle (safely away from the cars). When she got off, her words were "That's like a go-cart with a mower underneath!" It's fun to mow the grass now (words from someone that doesn't spend 8 hours a day on one of these things).


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