Maggie & Abe - the 1st 30 days


Maggie (5 years old) and Abe (3 years old) - a bonded pair we brought home from the shelter to 2464 Shamrock Drive on August 5, 2022. (The deed to the property is now in their name, but they are letting us AND the dogs live there, out of the goodness of their hearts.) The shelter specified that these two go to a home that did was not a "rambunctious atmosphere" - although, after bedtime hours, and even early evening hours, there is some "rambunction" taking place in the upstairs hallway, and most of it (all of it!) is feline activity, unless the cat toys are fighting back! Abe is the white with black markings, Maggie is the gray. Between the two, we have enough cat hair to cover all of the clothes we wear to work.

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