Stein's Florida Vacation - Orlando, FL - Aug. 2023


Deb was down in Orlando for a work-conference for the software that is central to the Southern KY Performing Arts Center (and c. 800+ other non-profit arts organizations around the country). After the conference, I joined her for a few days of "parks and recreation," while staying at the (HUGE!) Gaylord Palms Resort/Hotel.

BTW - there are a few panoramic shots in here, so if you don't see a title at the top or the navigational links on the bottom, scroll over the entire photo until you do.

Also, despite the seemingly high resolution of most of these, they were not shot with my Nikon(s) - they were shot with my iPhone (they would probably look askance at your hauling a DSLR around a theme park...)

Click on any image for a larger picture.