The Computer Center and Sunroom Workbenches


Well, I told you I got all three computers to talk to each other! Here are two (minus the laptop). Yes, that is a set of AC gauges hanging from the file drawer (don't have the heart to leave them outside). If you look carefully, the monitors on the right are different in each pix - because my screen saver is my organ/church photos. Thousands of them!

I've added a few pix of my latest project - a pair of custom work benches. There are two, (or eventually there will be two!) so I can move them in and out of the sun room without disassembly. They are also 40" high, because they need to be a comfortable height when standing and furthermore, they need to be high enough to fit existing bookshelves underneath them. Despite their height, they are very sturdy!

Click on any image for a larger picture.