Ireland 2022
Even though some of these pix might appear on my Google Photos page(s), I've made the effort of posting them here so I can share them with ALL of the friends I want.

Some disclaimers/clarifications:
1. The narration/comments are at the top of the page.
The navigation buttons (Next - Previous) are below the photo.
For panoramic shots, you will have to move to the center of the pic to access the navigation buttons. If you click on one of the navigation buttsons and it jumps about, try resizing the entire picture, then select again.

2. Just like "not all objects on your screen are drawn to scale" - not all the pix posted appeaar in chronological order.

3. For those that even care about such a thing, most of these pix were shot using a Nikon D3 (digital) body
and 3 lenses, all manual-focus lenses from my "film days":
35-200mm f3.5-4.5 AI-S,
Nikkor 16mm f2.8 AI-S full-frame fisheye,
Nikkor 18mm f3.5 AI-S
Most (650+) of the pix were shot using the Nikon; the remainder were captured with Deb and my iPhones. And, no, I did not bring the camera at the top of this page, though I still have it! (it uses film!) Post-processing was done in Lightroom with a few (very few) adjustments made in Photoshop.

4. Questions I've been asked about Driving in Ireland:
Yes, we did rent a car the whole of our visit.
Yes, I drove a "stick" (5 on the floor) on the wrong side of the road.
Yes, I learned to shift left-handed, and no, the clutch-brake-gas are still in the same order!

Advice I was given about driving: a) don't get too close to the sides of the (narrow) roads - behind the bush/ivy, 80% of the time, it's covering a rock wall.

b) there are 3 kinds of drivers in Ireland a. American tourists, who are completely wigged out by driving on the "wrong" side of the road on much narrower streets than in the US compounded by many who have not encountered a roundabout/cirlce, much less, how to deal with it driving the opposite direction, and fate forbid you find two of them (circles) located back-to-back!  b. the Irish, who are quite gracious, and will give you the benefit of the doubt, in small part, flavored by the fact that you are, in small part, helping their economy c. those from GB or the continent, who are in a much greater hurry, and who will ride your bumper all the way to the Motorway, or until they catch a break at the next roundabout (circle).

The only driving "thing" which continued to surprise me: the amount of farm machinery EVERYWHERE, including the CITY streets; I even saw one on the Motorway (aka our "Interstates"); the speed limit on the Motorways is usually 120kmp (75mph), and I KNOW the tractor I passed on the Motorway was not capable of 75mph! The only city I didn't see a John Deere was in Dublin - they replaced all of the tractors with buses, which have their own proprietary lanes.

5. We lived in a tree-house for 3 days. And it was WONDERFUL! See the pictures of the Lawcus Farm - Mark and Ann Marie were THE MOST GRACIOUS hosts. Even after the huge breakfast feasts they served us, I gained only 2/5 lb. over the course of the entire week!

6. My dearest wife did ALL of the planning for SEVERAL years on this trip - and she out-did herself!! (We had first planned on going in May of 2020, but you all know how that turned out!) We did not get any further west than Kilkenney (sort of mid-Ireland), but, there's only so much 60+ year old bodies can see in 7 days, even with unlimited milage on the rental car; it was a MOST perfect trip! And being the very savvy financial wizard she is, she spent inheritance money - this trip was NOT sponsored by Visa/Mastercard!! Nor will either of those companies see any appreciable interest/income from our trip. #SAD for them!

Enjoy (vicariously) our trip to Ireland!!