Pumpkin - our latest addition


Well, in less than c. 3 months we've had a complete change of cats at the Steinhaus! Jenna and Tiggr went to their final reward within a week of each other. Their brother, Puff, hung on a few more months, but seemed to be lonely, so Pumpkin came from Wilma's (Deb's step-mom). He's all kitty! My assignment: Shoot the cat and get him on the site (and quickly). So here's a quick-n-dirty page. Shot him hand-held (with a 135mm) - no flash - no tripod. Kept shooting till I ran out of film (1 roll). (For those with digital cameras, film is that stuff that comes in little canisters - you actually have to load it into the camera!)

He (the cat) does, at times, seem like he's posing (vain kitty!). Looks like he's happy. Because of the way he's been playing with our younger dog (they're both "blond"), and the way he races around the house, chasing his imaginary friends, he's also known as "Terrorist Kitty." His other alias is "Tinker-bell" since his high level of activity rings the bell on his collar - CONSTANTLY! He is a lot of fun, and the younger dog (Moxie) has already been told that's she's been replaced as the cutest thing (on 4 feet) in the house. In the 6th pix, it's obvious that he has not yet learned that cats and rocking chairs don't mix!

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