Very Misc. Stuff


There is all sorts of stuff here! I told myself "Self, those odd photos you wanted some people to see, but you never publish - well "PUT" them up!" ("Put" is the act of uploading stuff to your web host. "Get" is downloading from your site! There'll be a test on this!)

In alphabetical order we have:
Communion Bread Company (and the dog that used to frequent it)
Dog (our dog Moxie) hatches cat (Jenna)
Gnarly tree in West Meade
Help Yourself!
I-440 and I-65 interchange - viewed from below
Midtown Liquors decorative stone wall
TV in sunroom - recent gift from Wilma (Deb's step-mom)
One-Man-Band - taken in San Francisco back in 1983
Siloam Health Clinic (where Debbie works) in the fall
Ski-Jacket dog - Moxie's latest cold-weather fashion statement
Smart Car (parked next to the Lincoln)
Squirrel chewing on the stuffing from the coushins on our back-yard swing


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