Bernardsville United Methodist Church


Bernardsville, NJ

Tellers Organ Company

Two manual drawknob console
15 ranks

This organ holds fond memories for me. This was the first pipe organ on which I got to practice. The church (and organ) were located across the street from the high school I attended. The choir director at the school (Robert Volbrecht) was also the part-time organist and director of music at this church. He convinced the leadership of the church to give me a key to the church with permission to practice the instrument anytime I wanted. I served as their substitute organist during their director's summer vacations.
The organ was fifteen ranks with a divided swell division (about 5 ranks on either side) and about 5 ranks of unenclosed pipes for the Great division (which was located at the top of the right-most Swell.) Since the pipes of the Great division were located only inches from the ceiling, tunings between the Great and the Swell were quite wide during the summer in this beautiful stone, but un-air-conditioned sanctuary.

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