Pipe Organs outside of Tennessee
Organs Outside of Tennessee
New York City (Manhattan)
All Souls Unitarian Church

III/53 Holkamp (1989)

Brick Presbyterian Church

IV/118 Casavant (2005) (replaced IV/110 Austin (1963))

Calvary Episcopal Church

IV/70 Aeolian-Skinner (1936) (Revised 1963-1983)

Cathedral of St. John the Divine (Episcopal)

IV/141 Aeolian-Skinner (1954)

Cathedral of St. Patrick

V/150 George Kilgen (1930)

Church of the Ascension (Episcopal)

IV/81 Holkamp (1967)

Church of Saint Matthew and Saint Timothy (Episcopal)

III/32 Austin (1969)

Eighth Church of Christ, Scientist

III/28 Helmut Wolff (1977)

Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest

V/145 Austin

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church

IV/117 Austin (1961, 1988) - Wicks (1996) - Angerstein (1999)

First Presbyterian Church

IV/84 Austin (1961) - Glück (1999)

James Chapel - Union Seminary

III/44 Holtkamp (1980)

John Street Methodist Church

II/19 E.M. Skinner

Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church

III/73 Casavant (1962) - Schantz (2000)

Riverside Church

V/203 Aeolian-Skinner (1948) with revisions

St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church

V/225 Aeolian-Skinner

St. George's Episcopal Church

IV/96 M.P. Moller (1958)

St. Ignatius Loyola Church (Roman Catholic)

IV/91 Mander (1993)

St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church

IV/91 Aeolian-Skinner (1932) (revised)

St. Michael's Church (Episcopal)

III/55 Rudolph von Beckerath (1967)

St. Paul the Apostle (Roman Catholic)

IV/80 M.P. Moller (1965)

St. Paul's Chapel - Columbia University

IV/94 Aeolian-Skinner (1938, 1962)

St. Paul's Chapel - Trinity Parish (Fulton & Broadway)

II/34 Schlicker (1964)

St. Thomas Church (Episcopal)

Chancel - IV/158 Aeolian-Skinner (1956, with revisions)
Gallery - II/32 Taylor & Boody (1996)
Former Gallery organ - IV/90 Gilbert Adams (1969)

Trinity Church (Wall St.) (Episcopal)

IV/153 Aeolian-Skinner (1958, 1968)

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Christ Church (Episcopal), Savannah

III Harrison and Harrison (1972)

First Baptist Church, Savannah

IV/57 E.M. Skinner (1922), M.P. Moller (1952) Ontko and Young (1990)

Independent Presbyterian Church, Savannah

III/38 Harrison and Harrison (1974)

St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Savannah

III Aeolian-Skinner (1957)

Wesley Monumental Church, Savannah

III/62 Noak (1985)

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Avondale United Methodist Church, Birmingham

II/24 Aeolian-Skinner with additions (1931-2)

Birmingham Southern College, Birmingham

II/3 Moller (1966 - Opus 10265); II/3 Moller (1966 - Opus 10145)

Chapel of the Sacred Heart Convent, Cullman

II/10 Moller (1986)

Christ Church, Tuscaloosa

III/33 Austin (1941, 1978)

Church of the Epiphany (Episcopal), Guntersville

II/10 Builder unknown; Renovations by Milnar Organ Co. (1991)

Church of the Nativity (Episcopal), Huntsville

III/40 Aeolian-Skinner; Additions by Milnar Organ Co.

Days Inn, Huntsville - Chapel

The next 5 manual installation!

First Baptist Church, Decatur - Chapel

II/12 Unknown; Rebuilt and installed Milnar Organ Co.

First Baptist Church, Decatur - Sanctuary

II/36 Casavant (1974)

First Baptist Church, Huntsville

IV/77 Casavant (1965)

First Baptist Church, Tuscumbia

II/20 Reuter (1969); additions by Milnar Organ Co.

First Presbyterian, Birmingham

III Aeolian-Skinner with additions

First Presbyterian, Florence

II/18 Austin (1958)

First Presbyterian, Tuscumbia

II/17 Moller (1922), Reuter, additions by Milnar Organ Co. (1989)

First United Methodist, Florence

II/19 Reuter (1982)

First United Methodist, Huntsville

III/41 Schantz (1961 - Rebuilt by Milnar, 2000)

First United Methodist, Montgomery

III/50 Schantz (1969)

First United Methodist, Russellville

II/22 Wm. Zimmer & Sons (1993)

First United Methodist, Tuscumbia

II/16 Reuter (1972)

Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Huntsville

II/18 Wicks - Milnar (1990)

Messiah Lutheran Church, Madison

II/5 Wicks - Milnar

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Cullman

III/33 Austin (1921)

St. Charles Anglican Church, Huntsville

II/5 Builder unknown

St. John's Episcopal Church, Decatur

II/20 Schantz (1980)

St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Huntsville

II/9 W. Zimmer (Renovated and enlarged 1990)

St. Mary's Church of the Visitation, Huntsville

II/17 Kenneth Jones (1987)

St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church, Hoover

II/11 Reuter (1981)

Trinity United Methodist Church, Huntsville

IV/56 Moller (1991)

University of North Alabama, Florence

II/4 Wicks (1969)

Vestavia Hills Lutheran Church, Vestavia Hills

II/10 Zimmer (1977) with Milnar re-installation and additions (2000)

Westminster Presbyterian, Montgomery

II/7 Moller (1963) with additions by Milnar Organ Co.

Woodlawn United Methodist Church, Birmingham

II/12 Kimball (installed Garvin Daniel)

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Chicago Area - AGO Chicago 2006 Convention
First Congregational Church, Evanston IL

Mickey Thomas Terry workshop
III/32 E.M. Skinner (1927)

First Presbyterian Church, Evanston IL

Reading Workshop
III/64 Aeolian-Skinner (1958)

First United Methodist Church, Evanston IL

Choral Concert
IV/75 Austin

Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago IL

Organ Recital
IV/125 Aeolian-Skinner (1971)

Holy Family Roman Catholic Church, Chicago IL

Louis Mitchell Organ Case
I/11 Steinmeyer (1879)

Holy Name Cathedral (Roman Catholic), Chicago IL

South Chancel Organ - II/25 Casavant Freres (1981)
Gallery Organ - IV/117 Flentrop (1989)

Lake Street Church, Evanston IL

AGO Workshop
III/ Kimball

Medinah Temple (Now Bloomingdale's Retail outlet), Chicago IL

V/74 Austin (1915) - presently in storage (photos of exterior and interior of retail outlet)

Miller Chapel - Northwestern University, Evanston IL

Rising Stars Recital
IV/100 Aeolian-Skinner (1964)

Moody Memorial Church, Chicago IL

Final Recital and Concert
IV/53 Reuter (1986)

Music Institute of Chicago, Evanston IL

AGO Workshop
III/ E.M. Skinner (1913)

Rockefeller Chapel, University of Chicago, Chicago IL

AGO Annual Meeting
IV/110 E.M. Skinner (1928)

St. Chrysostom's Episcopal Church, Chicago IL

Rising Stars Recitals
II/33 C.B. Fisk (2005)

St. James Episcopal Cathedral, Chicago IL

NCOI Finals
IV/94 Various builders; Bradford Organ Co. (2000)

St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Evanston IL

Thomas Murray Recital
IV/65 E.M. Skinner (1922)

St. Mary of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Church, Chicago IL

IV/56 Austin (1928); Aeolian-Skinner console

St. Paul's United Church of Christ, Chicago IL

Thierry Escaich Recital
IV/92 Aeolian-Skinner (1959)

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Chicago IL

Carol Williams Recital
III/50 Lyon and Healy (1901) with additions

Chapel of the Resurrection - Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN

Opening Worship and Recital
IV/101 Schlicker - Dobson

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Europe (mostly Germany) (taken during a 1995 choir tour)
Caput, Germany - Lutheran Church

II manual (unknown builder)

Kyritz, Germany - St. Marienkirche

III manual Reubke

Ulm, Germany - Ulm Münster

V/97 Walcker - 1969

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Washington, D.C. Area
Augustana Lutheran

II/42 Orgues Létourneau (1999)

Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle (Catholic)

IV/51 Lively-Fulcher (1995)

Church of the Ascension and St. Agnes (Episcopal)

III/55 Orgues Létourneau (2000)

Foundry Street United Methodist

III/60 Casavant Frères (1984)

Grace United Methodist

Manassas, VA
III/ Austin

Luther Place Memorial (Lutheran)

IV/70 M.P. Moller (with additions) (1977)

Mount Saint Sepulchre and Franciscan Monastery

III/41 Lively-Fulcher (2002)

National Cathedral (updated)

IV/189 E.M. Skinner - Aeolian-Skinner

National City Christian (updated)

V/141 M.P. Moller

National Presbyterian

IV/115 Aeolian-Skinner (1969)

National Shrine (Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception)

IV/172 Möller (1964)

National Shrine (Crypt Church)

II/25 Schudi (1987)

New York Avenue Presbyterian

III/62 A.E. Schleuter (2009)

St. Alban's (Episcopal)

III/72 Di Gennaro-Hart (1998)

St. Ann's (Roman Catholic)

III/68 Orgues Létourneau (1999)

St. Columba's (Episcopal)

II/28 Flentrop (1981)

St. John's Church, Lafayette Square (Episcopal)

III/48 Lively-Fulcher (2009)

St. Patrick's (Roman Catholic)

III/44 Lively-Fulcher (1994)

St. Paul's Church, Rock Creek Parish

II/26 Dobson (2004)

St. Paul's - K Street

IV/65 Schoenstein & Co. (1996)

St. Paul's Lutheran

IV/66 Schantz (1985, 1993)

U.S. Naval Academy Chapel (Annapolis)

V/268 Hutchings (1908); Möller (1940) with (many) additions

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Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church

Ft. Lauderdale FL
V/117 Fratelli Ruffatti - 1974

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Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

Fort Wayne IN
III/54 Wicks - 1986

Chapel of the Resurrection - Valparaiso University

Valparaiso IN
IV/101 Schlicker - Dobson

Concordia Theological Seminary (Lutheran, Missouri Synod)

Fort Wayne IN
Kramer Chapel - III/ Schlicker

First United Methodist Church

Anderson IN
III/60 Aeolian-Skinner (rebuilt Goulding & Wood)

First United Methodist Church

Lowell IN
II/20 Wicks (1986)

First Wayne Street United Methodist Church

Fort Wayne IN
III/51 Rudolph von Beckerath (1974)

Park Place Church of God

Anderson IN
III/56 Casavant (1963) (rebuilt Goulding & Wood)

Peace Lutheran Church

Fort Wayne IN
II/26 Tellers (1963)

Plymouth Congregational Church, U.C.C.

Fort Wayne IN
IV/72 Aeolian-Skinner (rebuild)

St. Mary's Catholic Church (Former Sanctuary)

Fort Wayne IN
III/ Kilgen (Organ and church destroyed by fire 9/2/93)

Temple Achduth Vesholom

Fort Wayne IN
II/16 Moller (1961)

Trinity English Lutheran

Fort Wayne IN
IV/90 Aeolian/Aeolian-Skinner (1925; additions/renovations through 1993)

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New Jersey
Bernardsville United Methodist Church

Bernardsville NJ
II/15 Tellers

Princeton University Chapel

Princeton NJ
IV E.M. Skinner & Aeolian-Skinner
(before Mander rebuild)

Westminster Choir College Chapel - Aeolian-Skinner

Princeton NJ
III/45 Aeolian-Skinner (1982 rebuild)

Westminster Choir College Chapel - Fisk

Princeton NJ
II/19 C.B. Fisk (1978)

Westminster Choir College Scheide Hall - Casavant

Princeton NJ
III/44 Casavant (1969)

Westminster Choir College Scheide Hall - Practice instruments

Princeton NJ
Various Builders

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Crystal Cathedral

Garden Grove CA
V/300+ Ruffatti - Aeolian-Skinner - Additions

First Congregational Church

Long Beach CA
IV/70 M.P. Moller (1956)

Grace Cathedral

San Francisco CA
IV/125 Aeolian-Skinner - Casavant

St. Mary's Cathedral (Catholic)

San Francisco CA
IV/89 Ruffatti (1971)

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